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Online Submission - Registered Non-Hong Kong Companies
Register a non-Hong Kong Company
Application for Registration as Registered Non-Hong Kong Company (Form NN1)
Report Change of Company Particulars
Corporate Name, Constitution and Address
Alteration of Corporate Name (Form NN10)
Charter, Statutes or Memorandum etc. (Form NN5)
Address of Company (Form NN9)
Company Secretary and Director
Appointment/Cessation of Company Secretary and Director (Form NN6)
Change in Particulars of Company Secretary and Director (Form NN7)
Authorized Representative
Termination of Authorization of Authorized Representative (Form NN2)
Appointment/Cessation of Authorized Representative (Form NN8)
Change in Particulars of Authorized Representative (Form NN8C)
Annual Return and Accounts
Annual Return (Form NN3)
Revision of Accounts (Form NN15)
Charges, Debentures and Receivership
Particulars of Charge (Form NM1)
Payment/Satisfaction of Debt, Release from Charge, etc. (Form NM2)
Particulars of Charge (For Debenture Forming Part of a Series) (Form NM8)
Particulars of Issue of Debentures of a Series (Form NM9)
Mortgagee Entering Into Possession of Property (Form NM3) (submit in pdf Format)
Mortgagee Going Out of Possession of Property (Form NM4) (submit in pdf Format)
Appointment of Receiver or Manager (Form NM5) (submit in pdf Format)
Cessation of Appointment of Receiver or Manager (Form NM6) (submit in pdf Format)
Change in Particulars of Receiver, Manager or Mortgagee in Possession of Property (Form NM7) (submit in pdf Format)
Location of Registers and Documents of Charges (Form NR2)
Statement of Affairs (Form NRC2) (submit in pdf Format)
Receiver or Manager’s Abstract of Receipts and Payments (Form NRC3) (submit in pdf Format)
Liquidation and Dissolution
Commencement of Liquidation and Appointment/Cessation and Change in Particulars of Liquidator / Provisional Liquidator (Form NN11)
Cessation of Place of Business (Form NN13)
Dissolution (Form NN14)
Approved Name for Carrying on Business in Hong Kong (Form NN12)
Appointment of Inspector (Form NIN1)
Delivery of Final Report by Inspector (Form NIN2)
Delivery of Interim Report by Inspector (Form NIN3)
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