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29 October 2018
e-Registry now supports Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

From now on, you can use Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, in addition to the existing supported browsers, to access the online services of the e-Registry. Please refer to the updated information sheet on "Equipment Specifications for Using Services of the e-Registry" for details.
19 September 2018
Upsurge of Specified Forms Reporting Changes of Company Secretaries and Registered Offices

Since early September 2018, a large number of specified forms reporting the changes of company secretaries and registered office addresses were delivered to this Registry for registration. We envisage that the upsurge of these specified forms will continue in the coming months. We have already deployed additional resources to maintain a quality service as far as practicable. However, it is possible that we are not able to meet the performance pledges for our services at times of huge influx of documents. Please refer to the suggested measures for delivery of specified forms to the Registry.
8 April 2018
New e-Form Templates

New version of ALL e-form templates were issued on 7 April 2018. E-forms submitted in the old templates downloaded from the e-Registry before 7 a.m. on 7 April (Hong Kong time) will not be accepted with effect from 21 May 2018.
15 February 2018
Revision of e-Form NR2

To facilitate the commencement of the operation of the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 on 1 March 2018, Form NR2 has been revised. New e-Form template will be introduced for use on the same day. Submission of the existing e-Form NR2 will no longer be accepted thereafter.

Existing e-Form NR2 has to be submitted/resubmitted for registration on or before 28 February 2018.
27 November 2017
"CR eFiling" Mobile Application : Facilitates the filing of Annual Return and More e-Forms

The Companies Registry has launched five new e-forms at “CR eFiling” mobile app today. Registered users of the e-Registry can now submit Annual Returns (Form NAR1) and four other e-forms relating to changes of company particulars (Forms ND5, ND7, ND8 and NSC1) via “CR eFiling” using smartphones and mobile devices. Please refer to the Companies Registry External Circular No. 6/2017 for details.
2 June 2017
Launch of Free e-Monitor (Self-Monitor) Service

Company Users of the e-Registry can now enjoy free e-Monitor service to keep track of the filing records of their own companies. Please refer to the Companies Registry External Circular No. 4/2017 for details.

Register as an user at the e-Registry immediately to enjoy the e-Monitor and other e-filing services!

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